GistHouse — An Advanced Clubhouse in the Making?

GistHouse wants to give Clubhouse a run for its money. Clubhouse took the social media community by the storm.

For the first time in many years, we had a new perspective on social media interactions. The feature that many social media users have been yearning for on platforms like Facebook was finally delivered in Clubhouse. That feature is the integration of an audio communication system, whereby the participants in the room can share real-time audio. Much better than just recording audio files and sending them across!

With that trend already established, Clubhouse inspired many other platforms in like fields. Now, we have the duo of Green Room from Spotify and Twitter Spaces from Twitter all offering premium drop-in audio services.

The stage is set for the next trend to follow suit. This trend will be facilitated by GistHouse and will be powered by GistCoin.

This article explains the most important aspects of this project.

The Concept of GistHouse

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a unified ecosystem where you can interact with audio files and get rewarded at the same time? A platform that will be independent of traditional social media platforms?

It is possible to achieve that and that is what GistHouse is all about. GistHouse is a decentralized platform that fosters communications via audio. Also, the team behind the platform is looking to earnestly begin the development of the platform after it must have solidified the pace of the main project — GistCoin.

What is GistCoin?

GistCoin is a crypto token, as well as the native currency of the broader GistHouse ecosystem. The token will be specifically used for incentivizing both the content creators/influencers and their followers.

Considering that the next-generation drop-in audio communication channels should be monetized, it is impressive to see GistCoin working in that light.

GistCoin for Everyone

It will be erroneous to believe that GistCoin is just a monetization tool beneficial to the content creators/influencers alone. As much as they are the major beneficiaries, it doesn’t sideline the place of the others from getting more out of it.

GistCoin is for everyone. Provided you meet up the requirements, you will be rewarded with GistCoin.

Here is what GistCoin has in store for the different beneficiaries:

1. GistCoin for Content Creators

As mentioned earlier, the content creators or influencers are the major beneficiaries of all that GistCoin has to offer.

In their case, the content creators will benefit from the use of GistCoin in the following ways:

• Content creators can create premium audio content that would be paid for using GistCoin.

• It is also possible for the influencers to open a members’ only mentorship audio room that would be paid for with GistCoin.

2. GistCoin for the Users

As a user, you stand a chance to benefit from the use of GistCoin on the supported social media platforms.

These are some of your benefits:

• You can instantly reward the content creators or influencers that you like and interact with their content.

• You can also use GistCoin to reward the other users.

Final Thoughts

Clubhouse has opened the pathway for unlimited drop-in audio communications on the Internet. Take advantage of what GistCoin offers to be a part of the next-generation drop-in audio communication ecosystem.

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